High Blood Station: a Delicate Taboo

Believe it or not, it took us two days to find this place. Actually, just two lunch periods. But we literally went around Mabolo just to find this place they call High Blood station. Pareng Vic’s Carenderia is known to locals as High blood station, though I’ve seen some posts online naming it Hi-Blood station –  IContinue reading “High Blood Station: a Delicate Taboo”

Kalderetang Chevon

Have you tried eating a chevon or mutton dish? Out of my curiosity and to cure my ignorance, sometime last year I did try it and it’s not that bad. Actually, it is really good. In the Philippines, goat’s meat is usually cooked as kaldereta. It is a dish with tomato paste/sauce, some potatoes and carrots boiled andContinue reading “Kalderetang Chevon”