High Blood Station: a Delicate Taboo

Believe it or not, it took us two days to find this place. Actually, just two lunch periods. But we literally went around Mabolo just to find this place they call High Blood station.

Pareng Vic’s Carenderia is known to locals as High blood station, though I’ve seen some posts online naming it Hi-Blood station –  I don’t think there’s a difference at all. It’s just nicknames people created to describe what you will see, and probably experience in this place.

It is just a typical carenderia or a small diner in the heart of Mabolo (here is its foursquare, so you can check it ). It’s not the most accessible place nor does it have a good parking area, but people drive their way, or commute to  Pareng Vic’s Carenderia for lunch breaks (just like we did) or for early dinner.

Though the price of the food here is not like your neighbor’s carenderia, it is most reasonable. Their servings here large enough for you to request for an extra rice and a bottle mountain dew, and maybe even a puff on your cigarette after eating.

So why high blood? No it’s not the service, the people serving the place are actually really nice. The place?  Well, probably because again it’s not accessible and by the time you found a parking spot you probably are starving-  but no it’s not that.

Let me give you a sneak peak of what they have on their menu:



Pareng Vic's Sinigang
Pareng Vic’s Sinigang


Pareng Vic's Pochero
Pareng Vic’s Pochero


Pareng Vic's Crispy Dinuguan
Pareng Vic’s Crispy Dinuguan


Pareng Vic's Ginabot
Pareng Vic’s Ginabot

Cholesterol for Free!!  No! not Cholesterol Free, but cholesterol for free  on almost every dish you order. They also have the pork bagoong which didn’t make until the food pictorial because it was on someone’s tummy already 🙂 .And they have  a whole lot of good food. and I mean GOOOD food.

It’s not the best idea to dine here everyday, but to dine here at least even once (a month) is a good way to indulge on something your doctor might give you that stern look you’ll remember as you eat. But then again, if you’re on medication, uhm, check with your dietitian or doctor. Or make sure you’ve got your meds with you all the time.

So if you think you are healthy and are just curious about the place, go ahead and visit it. If you are just hard headed and is planning not to tell your wife/husband/doctor about it, uhm bring your meds? 😉 I’ve tried to locate the area in google map and it’s there so you can go ahead and navigate through google maps or waze. Again it’s at L. Tudtud St. (P. Cabantan), Cebu CityCebu

Mas masarap ang bawal, (more delicate taboo).

Kalderetang Chevon

Have you tried eating a chevon or mutton dish?

Out of my curiosity and to cure my ignorance, sometime last year I did try it and it’s not that bad. Actually, it is really good.

In the Philippines, goat’s meat is usually cooked as kaldereta. It is a dish with tomato paste/sauce, some potatoes and carrots boiled and seasoned until the meat is perfectly tender ( I haven’t cooked one, so I can’t give you the exact recipe. But if you want to have a recipe, send me a message so I can call up some friends to give it to us (; ) .

There are a couple of versions of this dish: some would put peas while others prefer to have it with bell peppers, different seasonings making it sweet as some would have it spicy. It would usually differ on the areas or towns where it is cooked – as to how they are accustomed in cooking it. There are also different techniques on the pre-cooking and cooking of the said dish. Some marinate the meat first with soy sauce as some would prefer to soak it overnight with their own secret seasonings. This is to make sure that the stink or that distinct smell of goat’s meat would be removed.

They call it mutton or chevon but we Cebuanos are just happy to call it kanding: just like how the animal to which it came from is called.
They call it mutton or chevon but we Cebuanos are just happy to call it kanding: just like how the animal to which it came from is called.

This one here is a photo of that giant wok of Kalderetang Kanding at Rex Kandingan Sa SRP. It is located at the Talisay area of the SRP road. Famous for this and their other dishes, this place is usually packed, and I mean PACKED FULL during lunch hours and early dinner time.  If you are going somewhere down south, I would recommend for you to stop by here for lunch, or maybe dinner on your way home.