Hidden Valley Resort : A Haven of Serene Relaxation

Got all bored with the usual hang outs city, I  decided to see what Cebu has on its southeast  coastal area .  A two hour ride from the city brought me to the municipality of Pinamungajan. You can either ride a bus or a hired van for a fare of only of a hundred pesos to reach the area.  This town of 26 barangays  live mostly on farming where it got its name from – “Pinamuhuan” which means a person’s share for the work that he did during the harvest .
 From the main road of Pinamungajan, I had another 20 minute ride on a local hired motorcycle commonly known as the habal-habal  to reach Barangay Lamac . The place is located on the isolated and secluded valley of Pinamungajan which makes the view even more than spectacular

In that search for relaxation, I found Hidden Valley Resort within the area of Baranggay Lamac . This is a project of the people who had created the LAMAC COOPERATIVE .  With their mission of to become An image builder, financially – sustainable Cooperative  providing wholesome services to empowered communities , they created this as a good venue for big groups – may it be of students having their recollection or of companies on a team building or rest and recreation.

Being that person who is stuck in the crowded part of the city most of the time, I found myself dozed in the serenity of the place.  Its location of being on top of the valley made the breeze cold and the bird’s eye view of the south part of the Cebu brings an even more chill to me – in a good way, that is.

Of course, it’s not only the view that the Hidden Valley Resort  can offer.  Aside from the large land area good for activities for visitors, one can enjoy other other amenities that this place has.

Their  two large pools and two kiddie pools would be something that one would like to splash in in spite of the chilling water .  Filipinos as we are, loves singing in any occasion, thus videoke or kareoke machines are something that the place wouldn’t want to deprive their visitors.  There are two of them , actually, so one can sing their lungs out as they relax and dine at the place’s cafeteria while the others can shout out their joy through singing as they relax on the gazebo by the  fish pond.  The place is also just a 30 minute trek to  the Sinungkulan Falls . For the more adventurous group, they can opt to go to the Kamangon cave. The barangay offers a guide for only 200 pesos good for every five persons. The name Kamangon was derived from the word kamang  or  to crawl since you can only go through the cave by literally crawling through its main entrance – a hole which is about two feet only. The cave has other small tunnels that leads to the bigger coves inside of it where the stalagmite and stalactites glisten once hit with the small flicker of light.

The place has rooms intended for 12 and  30 heads with a room rate ranging from P2,500 – P6,000 per day.  Apparently, they cater mostly for group activities such as reunions , team building or  recollection and retreat.  But they also have rooms for two and family rooms for 6 with a room rate of P1,500 – P2,000.

They also offer group packages for a minimum of 12 persons per pax for only P750 –  P900 per person,  already inclusive of the room usage, meal and other facilities of the place .

An overnight stay away for the city lights would really be something i would want to spend in this place over and over again, i told myself as I took a last look at the place before leaving .  The tranquility and beauty of the place and the hospitable  people of Hidden Valley Resort  makes this place a little a hidden paradise you would really want to visit.

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