Alegre is Fun. The beach is calm. The place is Relaxing.

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It all started with the desire of being away. Nope. I don’t mean running away but instead just to isolate myself a bit. Got stuck with my regular routine and so I felt I needed a break.

So off I went to visit a place I have always wanted to visit. Around an hour ride from Cebu City ( around an hour and a half ride from the Mactan International airport), I reached this peaceful town of Sogod. In here I found the place I could totally recommend for a perfect weekend relaxation.

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Alegre Beach Resort and Spa Map

Alegre Beach Resort and Spa is located in a quite secluded area in this town. You  don’t have to worry though because the place is not hard to find. Though riding a bus or commuting is an option, I would still suggest you settle an arrangement with the resort for a ride on their shuttle service. It is much more convenient.

As I enter the 7 hectare land, I found a perfect picturesque.  From the main entrance alone you can find the serenity of the place and as you look ahead, you will see the beautiful blue waters of the sea.

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That view from the reception area.


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Guests are greeted by staff with cold lemonade and cold towels to freshen up before checking in.




We were greeted by friendly staffs as we walked through the reception area. All guests were given dry cold towels and a glass of cold lemonade to freshen up. We were handed with resort maps and the receptionist gave us first hand details about the resort, something I haven’t really experienced with other resorts I have been to before. It was really cool.



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See that large, and I mean LARGE bathroom


Alegre Beach Resort has villa designed rooms good for 2-4 people, each having a large beds and the bath, oh my, the bath. You see, the first thing I usually check whenever I would go to any resort, or hotel, is the bath. Here, each villa has a very spacious bath which is separated from the main room by folding doors. It is complete from hot and cold shower, a medium size tub, closets and large mirrors.




Of course I did not go all the way here just to check out the bath, after we have all settled with our stuff, we went out for an afternoon walk.

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Meals here are great as well. Though, meals here at first glance at the menu would might come out too pricey, but I tell you everything in the menu is just as quite reasonable. Of course, a five star hotel should have a five star quality for their meals, or even more. Buffets are also provided for dinners and lunch, depending on the occupancy. However, breakfast is most of the time served in buffet.


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Other amenities such as spa, a game room, a gym and tennis court are available within the vicinity. You will never get bored. Wi-Fi is also available 24/7 throughout the resort. Though there are some places where signal seems to be a bit weak, you have a fast internet connection in your own villa.



Alegre beach resort and spa is definitely a place where you would want to spend a vacation, or even just a weekend off. Its peaceful surrounding and wonderful views of the beach or the big trees that stands tall around the place gives me a calming feeling. The one that I have just been wanting to have after a long busy week.

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