Boluntaryo Sa Aduana: Helping whenever we can

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It wasn’t even a month after we brought simple bundles of joy in Bohol when Haiyan brought destruction to many islands in the Philippines.

December 8, 2013, a super typhoon named Haiyan created a massive destruction that left people with no homes, no means of living and some, even lost their family. It was a difficult time for the entire country. Everyone was trying to help. Foreign aids were flooding, but it seems that nothing is enough.

Members of Boluntaryo Sa Aduana, with more volunteers, decided to do their part. As Christmas was fast approaching, everyone in the group decided to adopt an affected town and create a simple children’s party. It wasn’t really much at first. Started with just a little budget at hand, we thought it would be just a simple feast. But donations came and we were so  overwhelmed to see that there were so many who supported our cause: individuals and large companies, both local and foreign.

Here is a little sneak peak of what happened last Decemeber 15, 2013.

We named it PASKO SA ISLA

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