This Tasty Chicken

© 2014 They Dream Publishing. All rights reserved
© 2014 They Dream Publishing. All rights reserved

This my friend is one of the many things I would want people to remember once they visit Cebu. It is simplicity. It is beauty. It is meal at a diner named Kara’s Fried chicken.

I have been introduced to this simple meal back in my college days when budget was low, and I had to be cheap. I had to make sure my weekly allowance would be enough: from my PUJ fare to project allowance and of course, being me: my more than 3 times a day meals. 

The green weaved thing you see there is what is called in Cebu as puso. No, not heart but rice. Yes, that is rice boiled in a woven,pouch form of coconut leaves. The puso is an easy carry rice usually bought by the locals or even tourist, for picnics or out of town getaways. As for some, they buy puso because it could be found almost every single food stalls you see in Cebu. Tourist finds it fascinating. I was even once told by a tourist that his favorite local food in Cebu is the puso. In my head I was like “Okay? but that is just rice”,  but who am I to say that, right?

The supposedly orange yet looks like brown sausage is what we call longanisa. It is one of the many things we learned from our Spanish decent.  Yes it is just like a Spanish sausage, mixture of ground pork meat and fat, usually sweet and spicy. It has a lot of variations but I usually prefer the sweet and spicy one.

Okay, so we proceed to the chicken. I’m sorry. I may have made this into a big deal. You might say, ” the hell? it’s just some fried chicken.” Well it’s not. This piece of chicken my friend has been a favorite of so many students, teachers, workers… everyone. Why? It is tasty, man is it tasty. The chicken is freshly cooked right in front of the store. It may be at the side of the street but no worries, it is your neighborly kind of store and I believe they would not want you to have diarrhea.

The sauce, oh the sauce. I have no idea of what ingredients they’ve used but I am so sure they have used a lot of chilies. Yes, the spicy sauce, usually mixed with Asian soy sauce, brings out the perfect taste of this hot chicken served with the puso. Order a soda and you’re meal is solved.

Kara’s chicken has been a crowd favorite. Most of the customers here are students, or former students of universities nearby. They have become suki or regulars due to a cheap price for such sumptuous meal.

I am not payed for this. Funny you should think of that. I am not here to advertise the store. Nor am I posting other food stops and places for advertisement. Hopefully in the future I would be able to make money out of this hobby, you know, eating out and going out. For now, I am here to brag about these places I have been to. To share to everyone what is out there, and probably in the future you’ll visit it and have an experience of your own.

Start by putting this place on your list once you visit Cebu. A simple diner at the heart of Sanciangko.

Kara’s Chicken is located at Sanciangko Street, Cebu City.


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