Take a Rainforest Adventure

 Adventure. Fun. Relaxation.  Everybody wants them. Who doesn’t? After a long day at work or a stressing week in school everybody deserves to have a breather . It’s a good thing that Cebu has a lot to offer to anyone who deserves a break. And now something new has been added to what the cityContinue reading “Take a Rainforest Adventure”

Alegre is Fun. The beach is calm. The place is Relaxing.

It all started with the desire of being away. Nope. I don’t mean running away but instead just to isolate myself a bit. Got stuck with my regular routine and so I felt I needed a break. So off I went to visit a place I have always wanted to visit. Around an hour rideContinue reading “Alegre is Fun. The beach is calm. The place is Relaxing.”