Food Trips

That One Kind of Egg – (not for the faint of heart)

Okay, so it’s 1:12 am here in the Philippines as I start writing this blog. I just really have to share it. This may not be the first time for some of you to hear, or even see, this food that I am to share right now. But regardless, I want to share it to … CONTINUE READING

Ekit’s FoodHaus – Not your ordinary Carenderia

Here where I live, particularly in the province of Cebu,Philippines, I have loved the presence of local diners or carinderia as we call it. For some they call it “KARENs” a jargon which is known when budget is low, yet a good meal is, though not necessarily, required. There used to be this one place … CONTINUE READING

High Blood Station: a Delicate Taboo

Believe it or not, it took us two days to find this place. Actually, just two lunch periods. But we literally went around Mabolo just to find this place they call High Blood station. Pareng Vic’s Carenderia is known to locals as High blood station, though I’ve seen some posts online naming it Hi-Blood station – I …CONTINUE READING

Kalderetang Chevon

Have you tried eating a chevon or mutton dish? Out of my curiosity and to cure my ignorance, sometime last year I did try it and it’s not that bad. Actually, it is really good. In the Philippines, goat’s meat is usually cooked as kaldereta. It is a dish with tomato paste/sauce, some potatoes and carrots boiled and …CONTINUE READING

This Tasty Chicken

This my friend is one of the many things I would want people to remember once they visit Cebu. It is simplicity. It is beauty. It is meal at a diner named Kara’s Fried chicken. I have been introduced to this simple meal back in my college days when budget was low, and I had … CONTINUE READING

Sweet Little Things: My personal Fave

What’s great about working in an office located across a mall is that you have access to a lot of things. The best part of which, in my case, is I don’t have to go far in case my pallets crave for something (which happens a lot of times.) Every time I crave for … CONTINUE READING

Getting into that Coffee Madness

A friend of mine, Joanna, had been posting photos of this certain coffee shop located at the north of Cebu. I found the photos so exquisitely beautiful that I asked my friend to take me and another good friend of mine in there. Thus the coffee madness adventure began. Sadly, on that day we were … CONTINUE READING

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