A favor from this young traveler – Please Vote for Me

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t really done this before but I thought of it and I’m willing to take a shot. You see, I’ve read about other travelers who doesn’t shell out as much when travelling, but instead they join travel contests.

I’ve tried it once, but I didn’t win.

I haven’t posted it yet, but I went to Hong Kong last month.Road a ferry to Macau (which I was able to share a photo) – and back to stay for 3 days. And that three days was not enough.

The View from the Avenue of Stars
The View from the Avenue of Stars
Ladies Market
Ladies Market
At Apliu Street Flea Market
At Apliu Street Flea Market

I found this contest by Discover Hong Kong giving everyone a chance for a 4 day-3 nights Hong Kong tour. Now who wouldn’t want that?

So to cut it short, I am hoping for everyone’s support. Most of my readers are not from Asia, but I still hope I get your support.

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Please Help Me Win

Click the small LIKE button on the image to VOTE. You can also register if you want to join. Just make sure you are from the countries that are qualified for the contest.

Please help me get it this time .



Living Life with a bigger Purpose

I used to be a part of a non-government, volunteer group back in college. We went to areas in Cebu, Philippines to render surveys, waste management seminars, and livelihood programs. In this group I met the most wonderful and dedicated people. Through this group, I felt the real meaning of life with a purpose.

It has been a while when the last time I posted something here, I know I owe you guys some updates. I do have a couple of pending posts, but I decided not to delay this one.

Last October 15 an island in the Philippines, which sits east of the island where I live, was shaken by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. As per Wiki, runs 6 kilometers at a depth of 12 kilometers.

Me on "the Plunge" and Danao Ecopark in Bohol
Me with my Convergys friends on our Bohol trip

I’ve been to Bohol twice and I love the place. Aside from the fact that I had awesome experiences in there, I also had great memories with friends – I even met new friends.  It was horrible to think that such a beautiful place, was ruined.

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Me on the “Plunge” in Bohol

It was amazing how, in a flash, people from everywhere started to lend a hand. Non-government and government groups started to create campaigns for everyone who were affected.

A few days after the earthquake my co-volunteers back from college called me up to create a relief campaign of our own. Together with the Chamber of Customs Administration – Cebu Chapter officers, we were able to solicit enough funds for the campaign to happen.

With our simple bundles of joy, we traveled to Bohol last November 3. Right after we got off the boat, you can see the damages by the village that lies along the coastal area. We visited three towns :Lawis, Inabanga ; Dait, Buenavista and Anonang, Inabanga.

To see these people smile after you hand them a simple package, the feeling was just surreal. I wanted to cry – out of sadness and of happiness. I talked to some of the residents and can still hear the fear as they tell me their experience that day. Some lost their houses, some just a part of the house. Most of them are concerned about potable water.

As we continued the campaign throughout the day, I felt proud. Proud because I know these people who, without being told to do so, initiated the relief campaign. And I am thankful that we did it, as how I know the Boholanos are feeling as well. With these people who volunteered gathered to form a group, I know we would be having more of outreach activities. Thus, living a life with a bigger, if not, greater purpose.